Outdoor Patio Grand Opening, Tanglefoot LIVE --- June 17th 7pm-11pm

Kevin Wypiszynski LIVE --- June 18th 1pm-4pm

Juneautown & The Grovelers LIVE --- June 23rd 7pm-11pm

Partition LIVE --- June 24th 7pm-11pm

Windy Hope LIVE --- June 25th 1pm-4pm

Karaoke Night --- June 30th 8pm-12am

Fallback LIVE --- July 1st 7pm-11pm

Tom Winkers LIVE --- July 2nd 1pm-4pm

Otto Day and the Night's LIVE --- July 14th 7pm-11pm

ShadLads LIVE --- July 15th 3pm-7pm

Will Pfrang LIVE --- July 16th 1pm-4pm

Tony Rocker (Elivs Tribute) LIVE --- July 21st 6pm-8:30pm

Midlife Oasis LIVE --- July 22nd 7pm-11pm

Michael Hecker LIVE --- July 23rd 1pm-4pm

Kid Ego LIVE --- August 12th 7pm-11pm

Nate Herlache LIVE --- August 13th 1pm-3pm

Partition --- August 19th 7pm-11pm

Bob Mittnacht and the Crowing Glories LIVE --- August 20th 1pm-3:30pm

Sucker Punch LIVE --- August 26th 7pm-11pm

Just 2 Dudes LIVE --- August 27th 1pm-4pm

Tanglefoot LIVE --- September 2nd 7pm-11pm

ShadLads --- September 3rd 1pm-4pm